Parent as coach

Parent AS Coach Program

Designed to educate and guide parents in developing an effective framework to support the family and individual(s) impacted by ADHD. Using evidence based principles it guides parents and carers by identifying  opportunities for greater success and understanding for both the ADHD child and family.

The Parent Coach Program is designed to provide parents/caregivers with education and tools to understand and support their child with ADHD. The aim of the course is to connect  understanding with  practical strategies that support the family where ADHD is a feature and a challenge. This includes a system for creating structure and stability in the home that can be carried out to school and other settings.

The 4 week Parent as Coach  program provides the following key insights:

  • Understanding the underlying mechanisms of ADHD challenges
  • Strategies for specific issues and general structure
  • Skills to make it work through implementation models, tools and practical exercises

The programs are provided as live, online sessions to provide easy access for you (no need for baby sitters!)  and are time efficient (no need to leave your home).The programs were developed with a family approach in mind.  ADHD is not just about the individual with the challenges, but rather the ecosystem of the family, however that family is made up.

The fee for this four week program is $220. We are also adding  an optional BONUS week.  Week 5 can be a valuable time to get together to talk through the new insights and strategies.  We can look at celebrating successes and  reviewing the opportunities for change.

Complete the form below to register for the program and/or request further information. Next program starting Monday 12 February  2018, 7.30 pm AEST 8.30 AEDT.

Course dates:

Week 1. Monday February 12- Understanding ADHD and executive function

Week 2. Monday February 19- Emotional and Social  Impact of ADHD

Week 3. Monday February 26- Your child and ADHD at home

Week 4. Monday March 5- Your child and ADHD at school. Screen time and your child

Bonus Week 5: Monday  March 13


Good News! Later in 2018 we will be launching Parent as Coach on Demand- a combination of on line recording and live coaching catch ups. Watch this space. Register as an expression of interest and we will contact  you when we launch.

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