Uni & Senior School students with ADHD face new challenges.
Limited structures and systems can make learning, exams, and assignments difficult.

Students with ADHD face new challenges as they move into senior high and university study.  Limited structures and systems can make learning, exams and assignments difficult.

This program aims to help students:

Understand what creates these difficulties

Adapt to create more successful approaches

Establish systems that make it all work

4 months of support:
Online Individual Coaching sessions
On-demand training modules & tools (see below)
Twice weekly Productivity Group (see below)

Optional additional individual coaching*
*additional individual coaching sessions at usual rate

Includes 12 month content access including on-demand modules:
Understanding for ADHD & Study challenges
Systems for Learning, Assignments & Exams
Managing motivation and performance
Planning, activation, & maintaining effort
Attention & memory



a single payment of $475 (including GST)   or 

Instalments: $120 monthly for 4 mths (including GST) (Total $480)