uni & college students program


A second program group for Semester 2 2021 is now open and accepting new members. The second program commences on Monday 30th Aug 10am AEST and will continue throughout the semester until Nov 15th. 

Uni & College students with ADHD
 face new challenges making learning, exams & assignments difficult.

Learn how to organise study and assignments

Create systems helping Uni work with ADHD

Stay on top of schedules and deadlines

Providing a semester of support with:

Regular Check ins, Information & Support
    Online live group coaching sessions (17 sessions)
Regular e-triggers text prompts
    Twice weekly online Productivity Group
    Optional online peer discussion

Full Access from sign up  
     On-demand video & text of sessions & information
     Interim support with text, email & phone access

Join Jonathan Hassall BN ACC, ADHD Coach to take control of this semester:

ADHD & Study understanding how what ADHD is and how it impacts study

Create Reliable Learning Systems being there, managing time, sleep, diet & exercise, & stress 

Get assignments and group work done dealing with procrastination, deadlines, & results targets

Stay on top of work through the semester staying engaged and motivated, working to a plan 

Keeping yourself healthy and having fun! you can succeed at uni while working part time and spending time with friends

Preparing and succeeding in exams using accommodations and planning exams for success


2021 semesters

Semester 1: Feb 18 – June 20          Semester 2: July 17th to Nov 15th
  *All fees, content and access to materials are based on a semester.

$385 / semester

(approx. 17 weeks)

Students can commence at any time however as all video and text content is available from commencement, will still only maintain access until the end of that semester period regardless of number of weeks since joining.