ADHD can cause extreme challenges at important transition times such as adolescence, especially at points where social and academic situations become more complex. Coaching teens and students can be beneficial in the following ways. By providing education and awareness regarding how ADHD can impact one’s performance, assisting the client set realistic goals and being accountable for those goals. Again the focus is on the individual client but it can help to include partners or family members in the session outcomes to assist with this accountability. Interim support is also an essential component that Connect ADHD Coaching provide to the client (included in the session fee at no additional charge)

It is recommended that clients undertake a Consultancy session (90 minutes approximately) and then one session per week for four weeks (or more if needed by the client). This weekly session approach enables greater action and accountability, especially combined with interim support (via phone call, text or email). Our clients can then choose how they would like to move forward. Some clients will have learned all they need for the moment, where as other clients prefer to continue coaching either weekly, fortnightly, monthly or as needed.