Introductory ADHD Group Programs

Start with an Introductory Group Session, either General or Women’s
– 1.5hr / $55) – sign up below by selecting the session that best suits you.

roller coaster

Having ADHD has been described as like being on a roller coaster…

Support for ADHD in your own home
Live and Online

Understand ADHD and Executive function

A safe place to find out how to build a better relationships and strategies with your other people in your life …as well your relationship with yourself
Ask the questions – Find the answers
On ramp into coaching

ADHD and Executive functions (EF) the neuroscience behind it all
Which part of my brain is in charge?
Tips and Strategies for Attention and time Management; and Emotional regulation
Reflecting on where Executive functions are working well and where there is scope for change
How Coaching can help

Women’s Introductory Group – Information Session for Women & Girls

A 90-minute online information session about ADHD & the role it plays in the lives of women and girls including:

  • ADHD and Executive Function
    • Hormonal Fluctuations – Why some weeks are better than others
    • ADHD and time
    • Emotional regulation
    • Organisation and prioritising tasks
    • Focus and distractions
    • Impulsivity

General Introductory Program
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Women’s Introductory Program
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