*All names, have been altered but are true and authentic testimonials

I was feeling “stuck” and overwhelmed at work and in life generally.  My doctor recommended Connect ADHD coaching to me and I got in touch with Monica. I found Monica to be easy to talk to, practical, caring and down-to-earth. Monica has unique insight into how ADHD impacts on executive function and helped me better understand the challenges I was dealing with. She gave me some great methods for setting goals and helped me break down each goal into manageable steps. Through our sessions I developed strategies for managing things better at work, and overcame a life-long habit of arriving late each morning. I am hugely grateful to Monica for her support and advice. I would highly recommend Monica to anyone who has issues with executive brain function and wants to achieve change.



The “Parent as ADHD Coach” programme has been very beneficial in providing us with a much better understanding of what the brain does, and how it manifests as ADD/ADHD. This information has allowed us to take a step back and imagine how exciting, yet daunting the world must be to our 7 year old. We are now better equipped to identify our son’s daily emotional challenges and are more patient with helping him transition between tasks. We have also gained some useful strategies to help him (and the whole family) get through the mundane activities that form part of everyday life.

Holly and Tom

I want to thank you Monica for your coaching. As an adult Mother diagnosed with ADHD supporting my teenager through his schooling, I am very grateful for your advice and exceptional support.

i have spent years trying many different methods to improve my children’s ability to pay attention. My son’s condition includes some sensory integration issues. The various medications all have side effects and therefore the side effects and medication dosages must be managed efficiently from day to day. Monica has helped us look at each of life’s challenges using an easy to comprehend process of goal setting and problem solving. This has been very successful. Monica is a dedicated professional and uses a variety of up to date methods and always follows through.


I am more than happy to write this testimony about Jonathan Hassall.

After more than 40 years of difficulties finding my direction and maintaining focus, I was referred to Jon.  He quickly identified strong indicators of attention deficit and has helped me understand why I have struggled and provided practical advice on how I can adapt my behaviour and environment to function more effectively.

To put it simply, when I first met Jon I was single, living alone in a rental property and working two part-time jobs that did not bring me joy.  Now I have a loving partner and we are one week away from moving into our own home.  We are also expecting our first child.  In addition, I have a full time job and am studying towards a Masters.

I will be forever grateful for Jon’s wisdom and practical advice.

Thanks for reminding me & thanks for EVERYTHING you have done to help me become a better man this year – I am so grateful that my doctor put us on to you – it has been a LIFE CHANGER !!!!!

Connect ADHD Coaching have helped me gain a better understanding of my ADHD and how it has impacted on my executive functioning skills.

With their coaching, I am learning the skills and strategies that are enabling me to not just succeed in my studies (for the first time ever!), but also have greater confidence in myself while working.

I am 23 years old, I was diagnosed with ADHD in my early adult years and I am honored to write this as a big thank you for all of Jon’s support and guidance.

Jon has coached me for ADHD with expert quality and processes. Since being coached by him I have made huge changes for not only my life but the lives of my supportive family.

Jon is a very positive, cheerful and supportive and has offered new insights to life, myself and my family cannot thank him enough. He managed to build up my confidence, explain to me processes from getting to A to B.

Within the first two weeks being under his coaching I started:

  • Going back to school
  • Obtain my license
  • Initiated work
  • Start a more positive social life
  • Built up my confidence to do what I need and want to do in life
  • Help me see things from a better angle instead of being enclosed as I was beforehand (e.g. When I was asked to do something I originally saw it as distracting me from what I wanted to do, now thanks to Jon’s coaching I have a more open mind and see it as I need to participate and support as much as what I get)

One of the many aspects of Jon’s ways is his active listening skills, he listens, remembers and actually guides me to achieve the goals that I am after. I have always wanted to be in business but never had the confidence to even initiate the process, with all of Jon’s well-earned skill’s I am not only 1 year in my program but I am excelling in it. It is because of his guidance my life has improved mentally and physically, my family and I have been living a much more easier, understood and richer quality of life.

The number one change that Jon made in my life is progression was, when we first met I was playing video games 24/7 with an atrocious sleeping pattern and bad eating habits. I had absolutely no intentions of ceasing my gaming or even considering the thought of commencing studying, but now I cannot stop, I love studying to the point where I want to go to the fullest extent and excel the furthest of them all.

I strongly recommend to anyone who is considering guidance and help to overcome their own personal traps and to actually become who you can potentially be.

I want to express my gratitude at having the opportunity to contribute, if even in some small way, to the very valuable work that you do, Monica. I sincerely hope that this testimonial will be of use in helping the reader appreciate the value and benefits of the service you provide, and consequently, support their decision to engage, with you, in some ADHD coaching sessions.

The road to diagnosis, and indeed the path since then, has been one filled with new landscapes to be discovered and navigated, and moreover, old landscapes to be re-discovered and re-negotiated!

Support, advice and education have been of immense value in my treatment so far, and likewise, the willingness to be open to the great variety of ways these things might be offered.

One of the first opportunities to fulfil my request, arrived in the form of ‘ADHD coaching’ with Monica Hassall at Connect ADHD Coaching. Having had some experience with NVC (Non-Violent Communication) coaching, both as a client and as a coach, I appreciated the benefit of committing to several sessions over a number of weeks, in order to gain momentum, continuity, and a sufficient length of time to track achievements. Additionally, I felt fairly certain, despite the specific ADHD focus, of what I could expect, in terms of format, delivery and intended outcomes.

I am happy to say that my expectations were met, and were exceeded! Nurtured by an in-depth understanding of ADHD, Monica tuned her approach to my specific situation, successfully supporting the clarification, setting and achievement of goals. Moreover, by focusing on the process of goal setting and achievement, I was afforded the opportunity to clarify the conditions I require for completion and success, which equipped me with a workable format for planning and implementation. As this is often a struggle for me, I found the process supremely useful and supportive, which has certainly contributed to meeting my need for confidence, stability and competence.

Furthermore, I have noticed that the fear and anxiety, so often underpinning the way I engage the outside world, has decreased significantly. I have attempted to carefully track this over the past few months, and now believe this to be a result of four factors: Medication, Meditation, Physical fitness and the “Prosthetic Environment” I am creating as support. It has become clear that any deficit in one, or more, of these, soon leads to a descent back into the old ways of being. Whilst Monica’s services apply directly to the construction and maintenance of my “Prosthetic Environment”, they equally apply to the achievement of sustainability and balance in the former three.

Above all else, however, Monica’s support encouraged me to search for what I found inspiring and of intrinsic value, which resulted in structuring a set of goals with a particular symmetry and interconnectedness, encompassing three key areas of my life. This has, thankfully, helped me focus on, and improve, my health and fitness; assisted the re-framing of my relationship to work; and lastly, highlighted the necessity and opportunity to commit specific time to nurturing the relationships with those whom I love and care for!

I will, most certainly, engage Monica’s services again in the future, particularly when I increase my commitment to study at university, as this will, no doubt, bring a new set of challenges and opportunities, particularly in the area of time and perfection management.

I would encourage anyone who has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD to contact Monica, commit to some sessions, and benefit by her support, to acquire some very valuable, if not essential, skills and knowledge.



“Monica and her team offer practical and insightful tools to equip parent of kids who have ADHD and other executive function challenges. She talks from personal and professional experience in a supportive way. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the Parent as Coach program and will be taking away many tools to assist my son who has ASD and ADHD. I highly recommend Connect ADHD Coaching .  thanks Monica!”