Adults with ADHD – Answers!

Adults with ADHD – AnswersADULT ADHD FREE
a free information presentation – Tuesday 730pm, July 12th.
Adult ADHD has been increasingly recognised in treatment and the media in recent months. With symptoms such as problems managing attention, impulsive behaviour, and trouble with relationships and feelings, ADHD impacts adults across their lives in ways that are often misunderstood. This misunderstanding commonly including the belief that these people choose to behave in this manner which can leave the adult with ADHD feeli
ng rejected, frustrated and at a loss for how to move forward.

To meet the knowledge gap regarding ADHD in Adults, Jonathan Hassall BN ACG & Monica Hassall BN ACG from Connect ADHD Coaching are providing a free, 90 minute presentation entitled, “Adults with ADHD Answers” on Tuesday, July 12th at 730pm in Taylor Range Country Club, 28 Greenlanes Rd. Ashgrove. The presentation is open to anyone interested in ADHD in adults whether you believe you have ADHD or not and for any family or friends that are also interested.

The aim of the presentation is to provide you with the current knowledge regarding how this neurodevelopmental condition has been identified and understood. With this information we hope to provide better insight as to whether you feel this is relevant to you or not and can move forward with resolving your current challenges.

This includes:

  • ADULT ADHD FREE Backwhere did it come from and what it is
  • the experience of ADHD through the lifespan;
  • how it can impact the lives of those with ADHD
  • what can be done (diagnosis, treatment options, and expected outcomes)
  • where to find out more (links to other expert information in the field)

To find out more and/or register for this free evening presentation, please visit Connect ADHD Coaching’s website and complete the registration form at