Five lessons on focus and mindfulness I learnt from my beautiful naughty dog.


We have a 10-month-old dog, Casper, who has taught me some GREAT lessons in Mindfulness and focused attention. At Connect ADHD Coaching we use mindfulness techniques in a number of way for our clients.

  1. Being more mindful and focusing where I hang (or used to hang) my $60 bra (the bra I used to have, before it was destroyed by said pooch)
  2. Noticing where I leave my sports socks and sneakers…the ones I used to own…. before being destroyed by….said pooch)
  3. Becoming non- judgmental about when “an incident” occurs…socks, shoes- at the end of the day, they are just material possessions.
  4. Objectivity is also getting some excellent practise; instead of old habits and processes running the routine I now look at the moment I am in now, and what the opportunities are moving forward.
  5. Being in the present moment of beauty and the joy it brings. Being amongst unconditional love and spontaneity. Being outdoors, breathing in fresh air, having fun, getting green time, not screen time. Noticing the beauty in a butterfly floating by (distracting the dog, distracting me), being totally in the current moment.

How do you find ways of being mindful?