INTENT & ADHD – Part 2 of 3: CRITERIA!Criteria - the proof of Intent

In the last post I discussed the critical role of INTENT in enabling us to shape our present and future to our chosen outcome. As a form of mission statement, the intent is great for capturing a multi-dimensional image of what we would like to be and how we would like to be in achieving/living it. (The WHY/WHAT & WHO/HOW components discussed in the last post).

However, this detailed and overarching INTENT concept can be challenging to maintain (or monitor) in real time and assess (or know) when it has been achieved. A more compact and efficient version is needed for day to day use! The CRITERIA fulfil this more efficient role and can be used to shape the INTENT delivery.

The CRITERIA are 3 or 4 (max) specific, measurable points that can be used as a checklist in real time to assess whether you are meeting your INTENT in progress and to decide when you have met your intent to allow you to conclude it. Another way of describing it is the evidence that you are meeting or have met your intent. It’s efficient form (a few specific checkpoints) allows you to easily retain and quickly confirm whether you are on track with your INTENT or not. Having a specific end measure also helps avoid being stuck in “perfecting” or feeling incomplete at the end of your intent or goal. Both the interim checks and end review also then allow greater access the necessary rewards.

So if INTENT is our multi-dimensional, overacting mission, and the CRITERIA are the checkpoints along the way and at the end that prove that we are meeting our INTENT – what of the jobs or tasks that are usually considered earlier in this process? – we’ll cover those in the final of this trio of post!