Intent & ADHD – Tasks

In this final of the three posts regarding INTENT and ADHD, we’ll look at the tasks that fulfil the actions of your intent.

The TASKS should be set to achieve your CRITERIA and in turn your INTENT. Choosing tasks to meet the CRITERIA ensures that you stay on track. They should be small concise steps with clear timeframes and required resources. Also, they should be attended in the manner of your INTENT (WHO/HOW)

In terms of addressing the challenges with attention and working memory, keeping concise written notes are useful as a “analog” working memory to avoid moving off INTENT and going down rabbit holes of interest. Having a specific list of TASKS and the CRITERIA also aid in finding easier on ramps to motivation (“I just need to do the next small task”) and more opportunities for reward via reinforced perception of achievement (meeting CRITERIA).

Other areas of support for maintaining INTENT are time monitoring & perception, future self empathy, and overall motivation management. There are strategies that work well with our INTENT model to address these areas and I will start looking at these in future blogs. See you then!