How we coach

ADHD is a life experience

ADHD/EF Coaching

ADHD/EF Coaching combines coaching principles and practices with a deep working knowledge of ADHD and ASD in the context of Executive Function.


This is what we are here for. Taking life as it is now and shaping it to the way we want it to be. This is a step by step to getting there with ADHD in mind.


Without the doing, there is no change. With ADHD, we often find we don’t activate the change or find it doesn’t last. We need the right ADHD focused support for our change.

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Finding change in the context of ADHD


Learning how to notice the challenges


what is causing the issues and how you can change it.


what can change and what cannot. 


Create a trial for change. A short term test of what can work


Identify what does and doesn’t work and create long term solutions.


Coaching is a designed pause that supports learning, awareness, choice and growth.
At Connect ADHD we utilise current neuroscience & behavioural science within a ADHD/executive function within a coaching practice framework. This allows us to work with you to understand how your thought processes impact your performance to identify new perspectives and approaches that can help create greater consistency and reliability in your life.


The focus is on what you want to achieve applied to our approach based in understanding of how ADHD and ASD are impacted by challenges with Executive Function. We work with you to understand how this happens and has happened. Then together we build strategies and provide support for you to change and grow. 


A challenge with ADHD can be even noticing there was a problem to start with.

With ADHD Coaching it is important to notice what is working as much as what isn’t. We use the working bits (or Wins) as tools and fuel for future success. The bits not working help us figure out what needs to change.


Understanding what is causing our performance is critical to change.

ADHD means that it is hard to figure out why we do what we do. By understanding the mechanism that shapes it, from how our brain works with ADHD to how we manage our thinking (Executive Function) we can shift our behaviour before it happens.


ADHD can make us feel wrong or out of place, missing our unique features.

To change we need to accept who we are and how we function best. If we can accomodate what we can’t change, and adapt what we can, then change will feel more natural and therefore more likely to work.


Change is about trialling different approaches. ADHD can create barriers with this.

With ADHD we can be all about trying something new. Often we can think just because be understand it, it will happen. To make any change we need to commit to experimenting with it. Commiting to the fact that it will feel unusual, require a change in behaviour, and noticing (see above) how it delivers.


Adapting can be hard with ADHD. It always involves a fail.

And do we hate failing! However failing is part of cementing successful habits. We need to see a change failing as an opportunity to figure out what went wrong (notice-understand- accept) and create a new approach to address it. (experiment).
Then rinse and repeat until it just keeps working!


Making it work
in your world is the goal

All of the coaching to ADHD awareness, understanding, and accepting must be focused in experiementing and adapting in the real world. We build in multiple between session support options to help. 

6 ways we support your change
… between sessions!


Interim Support

Text, telephone or email between sessions during office hours. We will get back to you to sort out whatever may be in the way.


Automated prompts and reminders

Using our app you and/or your coach can create text and email prompts timed to be delivered when you need them.


Worksheets and tools delivered via your phone

Get worksheets that prompt your planned change and steps that also track your changes.


Journalling Works

We know that journalling about your changes and experiences helps you cement change. So we have an electronic one that you can even have your coach review.


Expand your support team

If you choose to Include a loved one or other supporter in your session and we can help coach them in the best way to support you.


Access groups of like-minded people

Either through our group programs, including our twice a week Laser Focus productivity sessions, our structured programs or external community support groups.


While online meetings have become popular during COVID, we have been seeing clients online via Zoom since 2015.

While there are obvious advantages for clients from across Australia and around the world working with us, we have also found other advantages.

On Time – almost all of the time!

Our clients are very rarely late for session online. The ease of just jumping online without the travel, parkeing and weird elevators seems to make life easier.

Anyone you need can be there

The ability to join in anyone else you may want in the session, even if they aren’t physically with you.

The connection is still there

Because we are experts in using Zoom, we are able to keep that personal connection online

Tools, worksheet, all still there

All of the usual phsycial documents and tools are still there, just in an online format. Which means they are easier to keep track of, particularly as you will have ongoing access them within the Connect ADHD Coaching Client App.


the best way to
track, store, and drive
your change together

With ADHD it can be tricky to keep track of information, organise ideas and even keep track of things like appointment times. So we have an app that does all that as well as providing automated text prompts for appointments and tasks you wanted to achieve as well as a direct line to your coach.

All your files – always available

Even after you finish working with us your notes, files and downloaded videos and tools will be available for you until you choose to have them deleted.

Automated email and text prompts

Right up to the time of your session, have text and email prompts. You can also create your own reminders, and write in your own journal.

Worksheets delivered by phone

Any worksheets or self assessments can be delivered via a text prompt and link and be complete on your phone.

and a whole lot more!

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