Individual & Group programs for you

Making life work with ADHD can take many different paths. We have programs that target your specific needs.

Private sessions with your coach for individuals, couples or families. Starting with the Consultancy Session and on demand introductory content to ongoing access to the Laser Focus productivity group sessions.

Uni / College & ADHD

Uni & College students with ADHD
face new challenges making learning, exams & assignments difficult. Organise study and assignments. Create systems helping Uni work with ADHD. Stay on top of schedules and deadlines

Parent as Coach

Giving parents/caregivers with the education and tools to understand and support their child with ADHD. The aim of the course is to connect understanding with practical strategies that support the family where ADHD is a feature and a challenge.

Couples & ADHD

For both partners in a relationship that includes ADHD information and tools that will support improved understanding of the processes related to ADHD.

Decoding Doing

An interactive program focusing on helping you get things done. Based on the book Decoding Doing by Madeline O’Reilly & Jonathan Hassall.

Create with ADHD

Take hold of our idea firehoses and create reliably and fully into the future.

Over 6 x 45 minute sessions discover, discuss and implement strategies for reliable creativity.

High School & ADHD

Providing structure and support to understand and address the ADHD specific challenges for senior high school students and their parents.

ADHD by Design

ADHD is a with us from birth. Rather than living an accidental life with ADHD, ADHD by Design aims to support you with ongoing live group coaching sessions and short coaching units covering key aspects of living well with ADHD.
For as long as and when you need it.