Who we are

Jonathan Hassall BN ACC

Director / ADHD & EF Coach

I am an ADHD & Executive Function Coach and director of Connect ADHD Coaching, providing services internationally from Brisbane, Australia.

With a background of nursing in psychiatric services, I proceeded to multiple roles in the pharmacological industry including the Clinical Research Scientist and Scientific Advisor for ADHD for Australia and New Zealand.

As I recognising the potential ADHD Coaching offered, I completed my training through ADDCA in the United States in 2014 and achieve accrediation with the International Coaches Federation.  Through my ADHD Coaching practice I currently provide individual and group programs as well as ADHD training to health service groups.

I am regular speaker at national ADHD professional, community, and industry meetings, including such meetings as the Annual International ADHD Conference (US) in 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, & 2021. I have also had webinars and articles published via ADDA (US) webinar series and CHADD’s Attention magazine (US). I have facilitated the ADDA couples support program (US) and designed and presented at the ADHD Global Gathering for ADDA. I published a book in 2022 entitled “Decoding Doing – ADHD solutions to procrastintation” with my co-author Madeline O’Reilly (clinical psychologist). You can see our publications and some of our conference presentations and podcast interviews here.

Formerly a board member of ADHD Australia, I am currently a board member of the ADD Association (US), a member of the Australian Professional ADHD Association, and a member of the ADHD Coaches Organisation (US). I am also an active member of national and state based ADHD psychiatry peer review groups, national and international ADHD coaching peer review groups.

My current interests include expansion of emotional regulation in ADHD and to continue to translate relevant executive function theory and ADHD Coaching practice to provide models and tools. The aim of this is to facilitate individuals with ADHD finding and embracing their “neuro-native” state to support effective adaptation and realisation of potential.

Monica Hassall BN AGC

Director / ADHD & EF Coach

I am an ADHD and EF Coach in Brisbane Australia. Initially with a Nursing, then corporate medical sales background, my coaching journey started in 2012, when Jonathan and I created “Connect ADHD Coaching” I have presented at the International Conference 2018 and 2019 , 2020 and 2021, ad at the Australian ADHD Conference in 2019 and 2022.

I have been published in ADDitude magazine and twice in ATTENTION magazine. I love connecting with parents of kids with ADHD and I run a Live ADHD Parenting program as well as working with adults. I also work with High School students with neurodivergency – ADHD and ASD

My goal is to curate knowledge to work closely with my clients incorporating information and practices from a variety of sources: current Neuroscience, Traditional Wisdoms, Eastern Philosophies, Mindfulness and Coaching Principles.