Decoding Doing


ADHD Solutions for Procrastination

Procrastination is a common occurence. For those of us with ADHD it can happen far too often, leaving a sense of shame and failure. Most frustratingly, it feels beyond our conrol as we chase elusive motivation.

Redefining Motivation

The motivation generally experienced for people with ADHD is usually quirte different from that of people without ADHD.

Creating the drive to do

With ADHD, we usually think the motivation needs to arrive at chance. However we can choose to create a low effort, sustainable motivation when we know how.

Understanding how we work

These differences in doing are the result of ADHD. We need to understand not only our ADHD and how it impacts us. Then how it impacts reliable doing!

Creating the steps to achieve … with support

By learning a structure to support the organisation of doing, we can reliably achieve. We just need a way to organise our attention and feelings (motivaiton), 

In our book Decoding Doing, we showed how to do it. Now we can do it with you!

Join Madeline O’Reilly (Clinical psychologist) and Jonathan Hassall (ADHD & Executive Function coach) in a combination of live and pre-recorded sessions. Together we will find how to conquer procrastination when you have ADHD.

As you work through at your pace, with materials you can refer back to as often as you like, you will understanding what really drives action and creates motivation. Then, have the option of joining Madeline and Jonathan in live coaching sessions regularly across the duration of the program. 

3 Months to get it done

Across 12 weeks, you will have regular access to on demand lessons and exercises applied to your life and what you are wanting to achieve.

Time to Talk it out

Regular live session times with Madeline and Jonathan to be coached in applying the concepts to your life. 

Always accessible

All the materials and exercises are always avalable. Even after you finish the course, they will be there for you to use again and again.

Build your expertise

Starting with a simple task and then building to complex tasks and life projects as your confidence builds.

Join us! It will only take a minute